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Chipped Windscreens

What Causes It?
How to Prevent It?
How Rapid Rescue’s Mobile Service Helps You Avoid Full Blown Cracks.

Windscreen Chip Repair

Before & After Rapid Rescue

Why do Windscreens Chip and Crack?


  • Rocks, stones, gravel and debris.
  • Temperature change.
  • Direct sunlight.
  • Structural weakness.


How Serious is a Chipped Windscreen?


A clear and undamaged windscreen is vital for good vision when driving.


How do I Prevent Windscreen Chips?


  • Check windscreen wipers regularly to make sure they’re operating properly and remove dirt and debris build up.
  • Replace windscreen wipers regularly.
  • Drive carefully on road with poor surfaces and roads under repair to avoid stones and gravel hitting the windscreen.
  • Drive at a sensible distance from the vehicle in front especially if it’s carrying stones, gravel, etc.
  • Inspect your windscreen regularly for any chip damage.


How do I Stop a Chip in my Windscreen from Spreading?


Don’t ignore it. Get it fixed asap.
It is cheaper than having to replace the whole windscreen.


Is it illegal to have a chipped windscreen?

Yes, it is.